How Can I TEST my Passion for My Blog Topic?

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Joyce E. asks the question, “How can I test my passion for my blog topic?”

Joyce is referring to Plan Step 2 at In that Plan Step, I discuss how to select a profitable blogging topic.

That’s a crucial step for anyone who intends to become a blogger and eventually give up their day job. You can’t gain financial independence unless you are blogging on a topic that attracts a reasonably big readership.

The Importance of Passion

In Plan Step 2 I suggest that a prospective blogger determine what their passion is because without a passion for the topic a person will not be able to sustain their blogging determination.

You want to be able to blog about a topic that captivates your own interests. A topic about which you have an insatiable curiosity. Something you are really passionate about.

However, in Plan Step 2 I emphasize that passion is not enough.

You have to start with your passion, and then do some solid market research to make sure that enough other people are interested in your passion — whatever it may be — and that’s to ensure that you have the potential to make money.

Passion is important because it is key to your motivation, to your ability to remain persistent over the long haul as you create blog posts and promote your site.

Pair Passion with Market Research

The market research is essential because it helps you identify a topic that will actually bring you money on a regular basis.

In this case, Joyce is asking only about the passion part. And it’s a very good question since our passions can heat up and sometimes cool. Joyce wants to know how she can test her passion to make sure it is sustainable.

Let’s take a look at some options.

Putting Passion to a Test

The first thing you can do is ask yourself about the source of your blogging passion. Does it run deep, like something that goes back in your family history, or a passion that you had when you are young?

If so, then that is a solid foundation for a blog topic. If your passion is new and trendy, you may want to rethink that. A new passion may fade as quickly as it appeared in your life.

Write Your Vision

The second thing I would recommend is that before you decide upon a blog topic that you write 10 or 12 1500-word posts. You’re going to need them to launch your blog anyway—you have to have something in place for visitors to read— so, why not use these posts as a test for your own passion.

If you are excited enough about your topic to write those 10 or 12 posts as a learning experience, then I’ll wager that you have what it takes to sustain blogging over the long haul.

Start Networking

Finally, as you write these posts over a period of a few weeks, network with other people who share your passion. Don’t worry about the competitive aspect — just see if you can make friends with people who share your passion. A strong network with these people will be an encouragement to you and help ensure your success.

Let me discuss one other important factor, and that is that passions do wane. After all, we are all human.

Keeping Passion Alive

Even couples who vow to stay married forever end up divorced because passion fails.

Sometimes you have to kind of blow on the embers of your passion until it comes back to full flame.

Beyond Passion

That’s the way it is with all passions—your love life or your blog. A caring diligence is usually the best way to keep passion alive. Spontaneous passion is good—but so is well-nurtured passion.

Let me say that if your blog is bringing in a lot of money and that money enables you to have the freedom you’ve always craved, then your passion will be more likely to stay alive. However, if you go through a tough time and you’re not seeing much income for a while, then your passion may fade.

That’s why so much of success comes to those who are persistent. You need a positive mental attitude sometimes to keep your passion alive.

The Core of Your Passion

So, if your passion begins to fade you need to do some soul-searching.

Don’t focus on whether or not you should give up — focus on what you can change to reach your creative and financial goals. Sometimes small adjustments make a huge difference.

Steps to Take

To sum up, you must examine your passion and test it with market research before you start your blog. Learn how to do that in Plan Step 2 at Blogging You need to have real confidence about the blog topic you select before you invest your time and treasure in it.

The core of blogging is twofold: writing blog posts and promoting them. I strongly suggest that you write posts and seek places to promote them long before you launch your blog. It’s a great way to test your passion.

Finally, you want to create realistic goals and persevere until you reach them. It’s far easier to maintain your passion when the money is rolling in, but there will be dry spells, especially at the beginning.

Yes, if you do blogging right, the money will roll in and it is surprising how good that will make you feel about yourself as a blogger.

There’s probably no better blueprint to follow than the one here at

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