Install WordPress Step-By-Step

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Install WordPress Step-By-Step

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This is a step-by-step overview of how to install WordPress. It is not a detailed tutorial but is a summary of the three phases required to get your WordPress blog up and running quickly.

  • Video 1: Making Choices Before Starting the Installation Process
  • Video 2: The Exact WordPress Installation Process
  • Video 3: Basic Configuration Steps After Installation

Watch each brief video in the order presented to gain the best understanding of the process.


Step 1: Pre-Installation Choices

You have several things to think about before you being the WordPress installation process. This video will help you identify them and make the decisions that will help ensure your success.


Step 2: WordPress Install Demonstration

This shows the step-by-step process to install WordPress on your hosting service. It is easier than you think.


Step 3: Configuring the Look and Functionality of Your Installation

You can configure WordPress to look and function as you wish. There are almost infinite configuration options, but here are some that most people want to implement.


Installation Resources

Recommended Domain Name Registrars

Recommended Hosting Services

Affordable Installation

You don’t have to go it alone.


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