Meet DL Hughes

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Meet D.L. Hughes

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meet d l hughesAre you curious about the source of this potentially life-changing information about making money as a blogger?

D.L. Hughes has over three decades of experience as a writer, editor, publisher, and educator. He started his first blog in 1999.

Don is genuinely interested in helping people reach their writing, personal and business goals. Here are a few highlights of his work.

  • A Bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degrees, including an M.A. degree in Communications.
  • Served as an editor for a national book-selling industry magazine.
  • Taught writing and media subjects at conferences and on the University level, both in the U.S. and overseas.
  • Named to Outstanding Educators of America.
  • Traveled to 31 countries as an NGO journalist.
  • Worked for book publishers and has been the CEO of his own Indie publishing company for 27 years.
  • Has written or ghostwritten 42 books and edited hundreds more.
  • Consults with writers and mentors them. He offers a wide range of other author services at
  • Owns and operates several money-making blogs.

Don’s diverse portfolio includes public relations writing, advertising copywriting, news writing, magazine articles, technical writing, fiction books, nonfiction books, book ghostwriting, documentary film scripts, course content, multimedia scripts, and online content.

He is based in Southern California. He has clients and students in more than 77 countries.


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